We will ceaselessly pursue changes
and progress as the key trend setter
of politics in Korea!
Hwang Kyo-AhnChairman of Board of Yeouido Institute

Our Party has played leading role in bringing about prosperous and secure Korea, and the current circumstance of our country calls for us to redouble our efforts.

Yeouido Institute has paved new paths for politics in Korea as the first political party policy research institute in Korea.

This institute has generated ideas and policy measures to improve citizens’ welfare, and formulate forward looking values and visions of our party.

With the crucial inputs from the institute, our party will lift the Republic of Korea out of crisis and move the country towards peace and prosperity.

Accordingly, I seek your enthusiastic support for Yeouido Institute so that it could fulfill its role in generating creative policy ideas to set a new trend in Korea’s politics that is in harmony with the spirits of our time.

Thank you.